How Does an Orange Grapple Fit on an Excavator?

Nov 27 , 2023

excavator orange peel grapple

So, how does the orange peel grab work which plays a great role in the process of handling and loading and unloading heavy objects?

excavator orange peel grapple


Hydraulic orange grab is to grab and load all kinds of materials such as waste metal or scrap, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste, and domestic waste.

The hydraulic orange grab (steel grab) is a device matched with the digging bucket, which controls the opening and closing movement of the hydraulic grab through the control handle through fixed hinge seat, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic grab, hydraulic tubing, and matching hydraulic integrated control loop. it can cooperate with excavation to carry out the handling of large heavy objects, such as stone, wood, metal scrap, and so on, which makes up for the single function that the excavator can only dig.

Orange grab can also be used in conjunction with magnetic sucker, which is only used to catch steel scrap, second-hand recycling bin, and other occasions.

Through the low-cost transformation, the excavator not only has the function of grasping heavy objects but also expands the use of space and occasion. Compared with the reconfiguration of the excavator, the use cost is saved by 1/3. Both hydraulic grab and bucket can achieve separate control movement, and the user space is more flexible and convenient for operation.

When the excavation work is needed, the hydraulic grabs can be put away without affecting the excavation operation with excavator grab attachment.

Hydraulic orange grapple can be divided into four jaws and five jaws, and it can be divided into rotation and non-rotation, and the connection mode can be divided into fixed type and swing type.

The non-rotary grab adopts the bucket cylinder tubing of the excavator, and there is no need to increase the hydraulic valve block and pipeline. But for rotary type, an extra group of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines must be added to control its rotary and open-closing.