Excavator Magnet

Excavator hydraulic magnet is the most powerful and flexible tool for scrap handling in demolition sites, recycling sites and scrap yards.

Different with common electrical magnet which need adding external generator and control box, hydraulic magnet is designed as a closed build-in device, its generator, motor, and control are internal and no need any additional power source. The hose directly connects with excavator ‘s hydraulic lines, which is easy to install. The magnet is controlled with the joystick, auxiliary switch, or foot pedal. There are two connection ways with excavator: chains and pins which can connect with grab, bucket or quick coupler quickly which maximize freedom of use. Now SC excavator hydraulic magnet is available in many sizes from 900mm to 1300mm diameter.

  • excavator magnet attachment
  • excavator magnet attachment

Features of Excavator Magnet

  • Easy to hook-up or connect with quick coupler

  • Directly connects with excavator's hydraulic lines, which is easy to install

  • No external generator needed – magnet system runs off the 24-volt alternator excavator battery.

  • Comes with a complete installation kit including joystick, valves

  • Extreme strong lifting power for any tough conditions.

  • Available in various sizes ranging from 900mm to 1300mm

Specification of Excavator Magnet

Excavator Magnet AttachmentExcavator Magnet for Sale

Outer diameter/mm9001000110012001300
Oil flow/LPM90-120100-140130-170200-250250-320
Set up pressure/Bar200200210250250
Generator Power/Kw1515151515

Steel ball45005500650075008500
Lifting capacity/kgCasting ingot600-400900-6001000-8001300-10001400-1100

Iron scurf250-200350-300450-400650-500700-600

Mini Excavator Magnet Attachment

Images of Excavator Magnet

excavator mounted magnets
hydraulic excavator magnet
hydraulic magnet for excavator
magnet for trackhoe
mini excavator magnet attachment
electromagnetic lifter

Video of Excavator Magnet

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