Excavator Grapple Saw

Excavator grapple saw is 2-in-1 attachment with grapple and saw, Ideal for land clearing, trimming, roadside vegetation management, and forest thinning. It can cut a tree into small pieces and clear tree parts immediately. With 360 degree of rotation, SC grapple saw can handle precisely the tree to a container or chipper, without falling or touching the ground at all. It reducing climber or man-on-the-ground chainsaw operator risks which increasing efficiency. Max cutting diameter is up to 500mm and models for 5-36 ton excavators.

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Features of Excavator Grapple Saw

  • Full 360-degree rotation for cutting and grabbing trees.

  • Built-in proportional lubrication system.

  • Independent chain oil tank.

  • The saw bar or chain can be replaced quickly and easily.

  • Reinforced grapple for handling of loads from vertical trees.

  • Max cutting tree diameter up to 500 mm.  

Specification of Excavator Grapple Saw

Excavator weight6-10 ton10-20 ton
Max. working pressure21-28Mpa21-28Mpa
The max. working pressure of the clamping cylinder21Mpa21Mpa
Swing motor displacement630ML630ML
Rotational speed5-20r/min5-20r/min
Swing motor operating pressure16Mpa16Mpa
Max. cutting diameter360mm680mm
Control methodElectric handle controlElectric handle control
Saw Guide Length20 inches20 inches

Images of Excavator Grapple Saw

harvester head
excavator tree saw
forestry machinery

Video of Excavator Grapple Saw

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