Excavator Shear Attachment for Sale

Hydraulic shear also called scrap mobile shears, excavator shears, Metal excavator shear attachment can cut everything from structural steel to mixed scrap, tire on salvage recycling yard. Excavator metal shear is also used for dismantling projects such ships, airplanes and offshore decommissioning. The excavator metal shear  is mobile so it can be moved from one location to another, and available in a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of carriers. Excavator shear designed with exceptional performance, excavator metal shear has fast cycle times, outstanding durability, and impressive cutting force, SC hydraulic shear provide the production and reliability you need to be profitable.

  • excavator shear attachment
  • excavator shear attachment

Features of Metal Excavator Shear Attachment for Sale

  • The high bore of reversed cylinder offers great cutting power.

  • Forged cylinder rod assure a better functionality.

  • Rhomboid cutting edge can be turned 4 times before replacement which save your cost.

  • Speed valve reduces cycle times by 30% to increase productivity.

  • Twin guides for the movable jaw, ensures perfect alignment

  • Heavy duty pivot components contribute to the durability and long life expectancy

  • 360° Rotation reduces processing time through improved manipulation of tool & material

Specification of Metal Excavator Shear Attachment for Sale

specification of hydraulic shear with one cylinder

ModelExcavator weight  /tonWorking pressureOil flowWeight /tonRotating flowRotating pressureABC
SC180 metal excavator shear attachment13-17250-30090-110110030-4090-1003753952100
SC280 metal excavator shear attachment20-25250-300180-220210030-40100-1154855252700
SC330 metal excavator shear attachment25-33300-320200-250300030-40100-1155956303200
SC380 metal excavator shear attachment33-40320-350200-250350030-40100-1156206003280
SC480 metal excavator shear attachment40-48320-350250-300490030-40100-1157007203700
SC580 metal excavator shear attachment51-65320-350275-375580030-40100-1157807803700
SC780 metal excavator shear attachment68-90320-350500-600780050-60140-1508608504000

Images of Metal Excavator Shear Attachment for Sale

excavator metal shear attachment
excavator metal shear attachment for sale
excavator metal shear for sale
metal shear attachment for excavator
scrap metal shear for excavator
steel shears for excavators

Video of Metal Excavator Shear Attachment for Sale

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