Hydraulic Shears For Excavator

Hydraulic shear with double cylinder also called scrap mobile shears, multi processor, it widely used on all industrial demolition sites for cutting metal materials such as section bars, pipes, H-beams, tank, railway carriages, etc. It features double large cylinders equipped with a speed valve that delivers superior cutting and crushing force. The 360 degree rotation provides maximum mobility that will enhance your jobsite performance.

  • hydraulic shears for excavator
  • hydraulic shears for excavator

Features of Hydraulic Shears For Excavator

  • Designed with double large-diameter cylinders which ensures strong cutting power

  • Reinforced rotating motor, more powerful and stable.

  • Hardened pins and bushings, Jaws in Hardox.

  • Fully protected hydraulic components

  • Speed Valve reduces cycle times by 30% to increase productivity.

  • Unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise 360° rotatable swing bearing system

Specification of Hydraulic Shears For Excavator

Hydraulic Shear With Double Cylinder

ModelExcavator weight /tonWorking pressure kg/cm²Oil flow L/minWeight /tonOpening/mmLength /mm CHeight /mm DBlade Length/mm E

Images of Hydraulic Shears For Excavator

hydraulic shears for excavator
hydraulic shears for excavator for sale
excavator with shear
metal shear for excavator
excavator grapple shear
excavator scissors

Video of Hydraulic Shears For Excavator

SC manufacturer hydraulic mini excavator shear for sale

SC Manufacturer offers hydraulic mini excavator shears for sale, representing a cutting-edge solution for demolition and excavation tasks. These shears are meticulously crafted with high-quality materials and advanced hydraulic systems, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with micro mini excavator, SC's hydraulic shears deliver precise and powerful cutting capabilities, allowing operators to efficiently dismantle structures, remove debris, and tackle various materials with ease. Their hydraulic functionality enables smooth and controlled operation, enhancing productivity while minimizing operator fatigue.

With a focus on innovation and reliability, SC's hydraulic mini excavator shears are equipped with safety features and ergonomic design elements to optimize user experience and ensure maximum efficiency on the job site. Whether used in construction, demolition, or renovation projects, these shears offer unmatched versatility and performance, making them indispensable tools for professionals in the industry.

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