Excavator mounted grapples is the tools pick up, move and sort materials of all shapes and sizes, such as logs, rock and bulky scrap steels. We have log/stone grapples, scrap grapples, and excavator selector grab. All SC digger grapples has 360° rotation with large grab capacity which gives you maximum flexibility and efficiency for your machine. All the cylinder of excavator grab attachments equipped forged integrated rod, which avoid any crack.

Excavator Grab Attachment for Sale

Advantages of Rotating Grapples for Mini Excavator

SC Equipment offers a top-of-the-line rotating grapple for excavator designed specifically for mini excavators, providing exceptional versatility and efficiency. This excavator grapple for sale is built to handle a wide range of material handling tasks with ease. The rotating feature allows for precise positioning and maneuvering, enhancing the grapple's flexibility and enabling operators to efficiently grip and move objects in various positions.

Rotating grab for mini digger, Constructed with robust materials, this rotating grapple delivers the strength and durability necessary to tackle demanding jobs. SC Equipment's unwavering commitment to performance and reliability ensures that this excavator rotating grab attachment is engineered to withstand tough working conditions while maintaining maximum gripping force.

Excavator rotating grab is ideal for applications such as demolition, landscaping, and material handling, the rotating grapple for mini excavators from SC Equipment empowers operators to efficiently manage and manipulate objects, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of projects. With this high-quality attachment, operators can enhance the functionality of their mini excavators and streamline material handling tasks with precision and ease.

Advantages of Hydraulic Grab for Mini Excavator

The hydraulic grab for mini excavators offers a multitude of advantages, making it an indispensable attachment for various applications. Its primary advantage lies in its exceptional gripping force and precision, allowing for efficient handling of different materials such as rocks, logs, debris, and construction waste. The excavator's hydraulic grapple mechanism enables seamless and powerful operation, enhancing the excavator's material handling capabilities. We have CAT excavator grapple with custom selections.

Another key advantage is the versatility it brings to the micro mini excavator, hydraulic excavator grapple allowing operators to tackle a broader range of tasks, including landscaping, demolition, waste handling, and loading. The ability to grip and release materials swiftly and accurately contributes to increased productivity and streamlined operations on the job site. Furthermore, the hydraulic grapple for excavator's design often includes a rotator, providing additional flexibility and enabling operators to position and manipulate materials with ease.

Overall, the hydraulic grab for mini excavators is a valuable tool that significantly enhances the machine's functionality, making it an essential attachment for a variety of material handling and construction tasks.

The Criteria For Selection Of Excavator Grapple Attachment

What's the material do you want to handle? 

Log, stone, scrap steel, sand or garbage, etc? We have excavator grapple for sale for log grapple attachment /stone, and orange peel grapple for scrap grapples, selector grapple for demolition stuff selecting.

What's your excavator weight or model? 

The lifting weight of excavator decides the size of excavator grab attachment.

For orange peel grab, there is 4tines and 5 tines, if the scrap steel is long and large, 4tines is suitable, and comparatively, 5tines is more suitable for tiny scrap steels.

The Criteria For Selection Of Excavator Grapple Attachment
Advantages of SC Excavator Grapples Attachments

Advantages of SC Excavator Grapples Attachments

  • Designed for a wide range of materials such as log, stone, scrap steel, non-ferrous, loose tin, municipal waste.

  • All cylinders are forged integrated which avoid any crack.

  • Large bore hydraulic cylinders maximize clamping force

  • Switzerland rotary motor assure 360 degree rotation, durability and safety.

  • All tines are heat-treated steel for maximum quality

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Advantages of SC Excavator Grapples Attachments