Vibro Ripper PK Hydraulic Breaker, How to Choose?

Jul 25 , 2023

As the cost of blasting construction in mining is getting higher and higher, the disputes and accidents caused by blasting operations are constantly reminding construction units to return to the method of mechanical excavation. Therefore, in recent years, vibro ripper has attracted more and more attention.

Since the vibro ripper was put into use in the market, it has constantly refreshed the users' understanding of the mechanical excavation equipment. Under the working condition suitable for vibro ripper, its output is obviously higher than that of hydraulic breaker, and even reaches 3-5 times the efficiency.

So, Should we choose vibro ripper or traditional hydraulic breaker? What's the difference between a vibro ripper and a traditional hydraulic breaker?

Vibro ripper and traditional hydraulic breaker are two different crushing products. People often use "strength decide win or lose", but they do not understand that hydraulic breaker is the vertical blow , and the vibro ripper is high frequency vibration.

The Principle of Hydraulic Breaker

The principle of hydraulic breaker attachment with piston is to directly hit the broken object, hammering the object through the direct impact strength until the object is broken.

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On the other hand, the vibro ripper causes cracks in the target broken objects through high-frequency vibration, and expands the cracks continuously until they fall off from the mountain.

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In terms of working principle, there is an essential difference between vibro ripper and hydraulic breaker. So, there is essential difference in the scope of operation, the advantage of hydraulic breaker lies in the strong integrity of the mountain and the secondary crushing operation, while the advantage of vibro ripper lies in the direct stripping of the mountain slope. Therefore, it is not feasible to use an independent product to achieve the purpose of high yield and crushing, and different construction plans need to be made according to different working conditions of excavator crusher attachment.

How to choose a vibro ripper to match the excavator?

Every mature series of products has strict equipment matching regulations. The same is true of the vibro ripper, whose selection is closely related to the type of excavator to be installed. Specifically, the motor displacement and weight of each vibro ripper are graded, and the parameters of displacement and weight are closely related to the flow rate, engine power, engine speed, system pressure and counterweight provided by the hydraulic pump of the excavator.

For example, in the case of a SV-E6 dual-motor vibro ripper, its self-weight is about 6 tons and the motor displacement is 125x2, then the dynamic hydraulic flow of the excavator that needs to be matched must be higher than 300L/min, and the weight of the excavator itself should be more than 40 tons, then the correct type of excavator matched by this vibro ripper should be above 45 tons.

Specifications of vibro ripper

The more fine the type of vibro ripper is, the more accurate the excavator will be, which will effectively avoid the wrong selection of "big horse drawn small trolley" or "small horse drawn big trolley". At the same time, the effect of vibro ripper can be brought into play to the extreme. avoid wasting excavator energy or insufficient energy.

The heavy-duty vibro ripper breaks through the limit that the impact force of the vibro ripper with single-motor is small, and the double motor and double vibration cases with high-frequency vibration impact force can achieve the purpose of fast vibration crushing. The heavy-duty vibro ripper also requires a higher type of excavator than the small single-motor vibro rippers.

For large excavators of more than 45 tons ~ 190 tons, the simple use of rippers and large hydraulic breaker can no longer meet the mining needs of the current working conditions, but the emergence of vibro ripper makes up for this gap. it provides a new idea for mechanical mining.

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The emergence of vibro ripper will not affect the existence of other broken equipment. Different products have different applications. Vibro ripper and hydraulic breaker complement each other. SC Equipment is one of the leading excavator attachments manufacturers in China, here are some advices, The choice between the two should be based on the actual use of specific analysis, a correct understanding of the construction conditions, according to the working conditions to select the actual crushing equipment is a rational approach.

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