Quick coupler can transform your excavator into a multi-functional device for all buckets, grabs or demolition tools. Choosing quick couplers correctly ensure high productivity, increased fuel savings, and reduced wear. The quick coupler create a universal connection between different excavator types and the attachment. There are mechanical type, hydraulic type, tilting type for you chose.

The Advantages Of Using An Excavator Quick Coupler

  • Excavator quick coupler also called quick hitch - it easy connect with your excavator arm and significantly expand the versability of excavator crusher attachment, which are transformed into multifunctional equipment carriers for all buckets, grapples or demolition tools.

  • Designed to fit excavators from 1.5 to 90T, you can switch buckets and attachments automatically without leaving cab, which save time and improve working efficiency. The tilt quick coupler with 90 degree each direction enhance the precision of your working.

The Advantages Of Using An Excavator Quick Coupler
How To Choose The Right Excavator Quick Coupler For Your Machine?

How To Choose The Right Excavator Quick Coupler For Your Machine?

In order to increasing productivity and safety when completing a job, the best way is to add a quick coupler to your excavator. From the functions, there are three types for your choose

1.  Mechanical coupler

The most cost-effective option is mechanical coupler if price plays a significant role in your choice. And it is the best choice for a job that doesn’t require many attachments replacement throughout the day.

2. Hydraulic quick coupler

Hydraulic couplers with fully automated locking system assure its highest level of safety and efficiency for your machine and your operators. The operator can complete the changeout of attachment from inside the cab, which is the  better choice for preventing injuries on-site. The wedge-locking system will lock the attachment in two different places, which assure its safety again.

3. Hydraulic tilt quick coupler

Tilt quick coupler can tilt any bucket or attachment up to 180 °, it greatly increase the versatility and precision of excavator, such as Dig level foundations without having to move excavator, Carry out rock breaking at the sides of deep trenches where standard couplers can't reach. Reduce manual labour when filling pea gravel around pipes and manholes. So the tilt quick coupler is your first option if you need manual help to adjust the angle in your job.

There is also cast quick coupler for mini excavators, which will much more wear-resistent and keep long working life.

Or you want to buy replacement for your branded excavators, here are some choices.

CAT Excavator Quick Coupler

CAT excavator quick coupler

Hitachi Quick Coupler

Hitachi quick coupler

komatsu Quick Coupler

komatsu quick coupler

Takeuchi Excavator Quick Coupler

Takeuchi excavator quick coupler

Doosan Quick Coupler

Doosan quick coupler

Kobelco Quick Coupler

Kobelco quick coupler

Sany Quick Coupler

Sany quick coupler

Volvo Excavator Quick Coupler

Volvo excavator quick coupler

Yanmar Quick Coupler

Yanmar quick coupler

How To Choose The Right Excavator Quick Coupler For Your Machine?