How to choose suitable model of rock saw for your excavator?

Dec 18 , 2023

SC excavator rock saw is a type of heavy-duty equipment used in construction and mining industries. It is an attachment for excavators and is designed to cut hard materials such as cut aluminum, asphalt, concrete caliche, ductile iron, granite, limestone, sandstone, steel, and many other materials. The rock saw operates by using a circular blade, embedded with durable cutting teeth, which spins at high speed to slice through rock. This tool is often used for tasks such as trenching, quarrying, demolition, and excavation. It is known for its efficiency, precision, and ability to make clean cuts.


How to choose the right saw for your project? Here are some factors:

Excavator Size: The size and power of your excavator will determine the size of the rock saw you can use. Larger excavators can handle larger rock saws. Check the specifications of your excavator to determine its capabilities.


Material Type: The type of material you will be cutting also plays a role in the selection. Some rock saws are designed for softer materials like soil and clay, while others are designed for harder materials like rock or concrete. We have different blades for cutting concrete with bar, granite, steel, and wood. Just tell us what’s to cut, we will recommend suitable blade for you.


Cutting Depth: The cutting depths depends on the diameter of blade. Generally, the real cutting depth is the radius minus assembly dimension about 30-40mm. Choose a model that can reach the depth you need for your project.


Job Requirements: Consider the requirements of the job. Most works need cutting vertically, but sometimes, also need cutting horizontally, SC rock saw solve this problem by 360° rotation which can change automatically. It greatly improved the cutting precision and working efficiency.


Budget: Finally, consider your budget. Higher-end rock saws will have more features and will likely last longer, but they will also be more expensive. You get what you pay for.


FAQ for SC excavator rock saw:

1, How to choose right model for my excavator?

A: Tell us the excavator weight or model, the cutting material, the cutting depth you need, then, we will recommend suitable model or cutting methods for you.


2, Q: Can your saw do horizontal as well as vertical cuts?

A: Yes, you can choose rotary type with 360 degree rotation which can switch horizontal-cut or vertical-cut automatically.


3, Q: Can I use a rock saw on any type of rock?

A: While rock saws are designed to cut through hard materials, the effectiveness can vary depending on the hardness and composition of the rock. There is different blade for cutting granite, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, etc.


4, Q: Can a rock saw cut through concrete with bars?

A: Yes, there is special diamond blade for cutting reinforced concrete with bars.


5, Q: How do I maintain my excavator rock saw?

A: Regular maintenance includes checking if the cutting teeth as damaged, ensuring the saw is properly lubricated, and checking for any signs of damage or wear.


6, Q: What’s the warranty of your rock saw?

A: Warranty: The housing of the machine, wearing part like blade, bracket and hydraulic hose is no warranty, the saw driver has one year warranty.