How to choose right tree shear or trimmer for your excavator?

Dec 20 , 2023

A tree shear for an excavator is a hydraulic attachment that allows the machine to cut down trees and large branches efficiently. It’s typically used in forestry, land clearing, and construction projects. There are 3 types of types of tree shears for excavators, excavator tree shear for sale, each designed for specific tasks and types of trees.

1, Tree shear with abrasion-resistant blade can cut trees with diameter less than 300mm, it suitable for 2-15ton excavators. And there is rotary type and fix type to choose:

The rotating variant of rotary tree shear allows for the adjustment of the cutting angle, making it suitable for trimming tree branches at elevated heights, thus offering considerable flexibility.


Fixed tree shears are ideal for large-scale logging operations. Given the weight limit of the excavator’s lift, a lighter shear allows for the handling of heavier trees. Therefore, fixed tree shears are the preferred tool for logging tasks.


2, Excavator grapple saw: It’s a excavator attachment that combines a grapple with a chainsaw. SC tree shear with grapple suits for heavy duty excavators more than 20tons. And the cutting scope can be up to 450mm.This tool is primarily used for tree removal, particularly in areas that are difficult to reach or hazardous. The grapple holds the tree securely while the saw cuts it, providing a safer and more efficient method of tree removal.


3, This type is called excavator tree trimmer. SC log grapple saw, Available for 2-20ton excavators. Equipped with a 400-800 diameter disc blade, the tree trimmer can efficiently prune and shape lofty trees and dense shrubs, particularly those at elevated heights or in hard-to-reach area. This tree trimmer can rotate 360° both horizontally and vertically, allowing for more precise trimming operations. Moreover, it can accommodate an additional two or three saw blades to expand the trimming range.



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