Excavator Rock Saw

Excavator Rock Saws are widely appropriate for construction, demolition, mining and quarry. Designed to cut asphalt, granite, limestone, sandstone, concrete with bar, aluminum, ductile iron, steel, and many other materials, We have different blades for these materials and ranging from 600mm to 3000mm diameter. These blades can be tipped with diamond segments to extend more service life. SC rock saw can be changed from vertically cutting to horizontally cutting by adjusting the mounting adaptor, and for vertical cutting, there is also 360 degrees rotation without moving the excavator which increase the efficiency and productivity greatly. SC rock cutting saw easily attaches to your excavator or skid steer in minutes, providing quick and effective rock cutting. Models for 1- 45 ton excavators is available.

  • excavator rock saw
  • excavator rock saw

Features of Excavator Rock Saw

  • 360 degrees rotation for vertical cutting

  • Both cutting vertically and horizontally is available

  • Max 3000mm diameter of blade, cutting depth up to 1400mm.

  • Different blades can cut stone, concrete, steel, wood

  • Instant brake system for more safety

  • Rotating shield helps to minimise dust pollution

  • Heavy duty stand, useful for storing and transport

  • cutting efficiency, rapid brake system, cutting clockwise and counter clockwise.

  • Easily attach to excavators, skid steers, backhoes

Specification of Excavator Rock Saw

tonnage of excavatorT1.5-34.5-810-1520-3530-45
Motor displacementml2563125250500
Maximum working pressureMpa3535352828
Maximum torqueNm14034270011201880
Maximum powerKw28578195155
Maximum flow rateL\min60125175250265
Minimum flow rateL\min406388120136
Speed rangerpm1600-24001000-1950700-1400470-1000272-650
Diameter range of saw blademm400-600500-1200800-15001200-20001800-3500
Cutting radius lossmm100125165200250
Reference Weight             (without Saw Blades)Kg35135350450680
Continuous feedm/min0.75-1.5

Specification of Excavator Rock Saw

One Set of Saw Dev Ice Including These Parts

One Set of Saw Dev Ice Including These Parts

One Set of Saw Dev Ice Including These Parts

FAQ for the Excavator Rock Saw

1. Q: How do I choose suitable model of rock saw?

A. What's your excavator model (weight)?

B. What are you going to cut? Concrete, marble, wood, aluminum or what's rock? That will be different blade.

C. What's the cutting depth do you want? (See Photo 1)

After knowing these, we can recommend a suitable saw model with right blade to fit your requested cutting depth.

2. Q: Can your saw spin in reverse and brake?

Yes, both.

3. Q: Can your saw head rotary with 360 degree?

Yes, we have rotary type with 360 degree.

4. Q: Can your saw do horizontal as well as vertical cuts?

Yes, it can be adjust to horizontal status as photo 2.

5. Q: Tell me about the cutting segments-what's materials are they consist of, and how durable and long lasting are they?

The material of diamond blade is 50Mn2v or 75Cr1, it is seldom damage and can be lasting many years. The cutting segments is consumable parts, its material is diamond alloy. It can be weld to the blade by special welding machine.

Video & Images of Excavator Rock Saw

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