Orange Peel Scrap Grab

Scrap grab also called orange peel grapple, which are designed for the handling of scrap metal and recycling materials for scrap yard. We offer a wide variety of scrap grabs with 4-5 tines for 6-40ton excavators. Equipped with integrated forged cylinders, oversized bushings & pins and large swing motor, the combination of these features makes our grabs become the high-performance material handlers. Tell us the materials you are handling, we can select the right model and size for you.

  • scrap handling grab
  • scrap handling grab

Features of scrap grab/orange peel grapple

  • Available in 4-Tine, 5-Tine for 5-40 ton excavators

  • Orange peel grab Integrated forged cylinder with guard avoid any damage

  • 360 degree rotation with large swing motor increase your up-time, reduce your maintenance costs

  • Hoses is protected by guard from damage

  • High quality wear-resistance steel ensures the long life of orange peel grab

Specification of scrap grab/orange peel grapple

Specification of scrap grab orange peel grappleSpecification of scrap grab orange peel grapple

Max jaw opening AMM13601620205023001475168021502350
Height of closed grapple BMM14701650198022202150241026602880
NO.of JawPiece55555555
Cylinder volumeLitre40060080010004006008001000
Operating flowLpm200-250200-250200-250200-250200-250200-250200-250200-250
Capacity closed0.
weight classTon5-1112-1718-2526-355-1112-1718-2526-35

We have more custom selections, please contact SC Equipemnt excavator grapple for sale at competitive prices.

Custom orange peel grab/grapple for demolition and scrap

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in demolition and scrap handling with our custom-designed Orange Peel Grab/Grapple by SC Equipment. Engineered for superior performance, this specialized attachment seamlessly integrates into your equipment, providing a robust solution for metal waste applications.

The custom Orange Peel Grab/Grapple excels in precisely gripping and maneuvering various scrap materials, offering enhanced control and efficiency during demolition projects. Its distinctive design ensures optimal material handling, making it a reliable choice for scrapyards, demolition sites, and metal recycling operations.

Built with durability in mind, our custom Orange Peel Grab/Grapple is a testament to SC Equipment's commitment to delivering high-quality attachments. Elevate your demolition and scrap handling capabilities with this specialized tool, designed to withstand the rigors of challenging environments and provide lasting performance. Choose SC Equipment for innovative solutions that redefine efficiency in metal waste management.

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Orange scrap yard grabber handling metal waste

SC Equipment revolutionizes the metal waste industry with our advanced scrap yard grabber solutions, seamlessly blending power and precision. Our scrap yard grabbers, including the scrap handling grab, scrap metal grab, scrap metal grapple, and excavator scrap grapple, are designed to excel in demanding applications such as demolition and scrap metal processing.

The scrap handling grapples ensure efficient material handling, offering operators control and versatility. Whether it's a scrap metal grapple, excavator scrap grapple, or a scrap yard grapple, our equipment is engineered to withstand the challenges of metal waste environments. SC Equipment's scrap grapples, available for sale, embody durability and reliability.

With features like the orange peel grab and rotating grapple, our solutions provide flexibility in handling different materials and adapting to various scenarios. The scrap yard grabber range from SC Equipment guarantees increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety in your metal waste, demolition, and scrap handling operations.

Invest in the future of scrap handling with SC Equipment's innovative scrap yard grabbers. Elevate your metal waste processing capabilities with our scrap grapples, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in the face of challenging applications.

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