If you are looking for right attachments for your excavator or skid steer loader, you are in the right place now, SC equipment focused on providing the best attachment solutions for skid steers and excavators to enable you to get the most productivity from your machine. Through the 15 challenging years, we have managed to grow up to a fleet of over 100 pieces of attachments like tiltrotator, grabs, tree shears, vibro ripper, screen bucket, pile drivers, earth augers and more, which help you with everything from forestry and construction to demolition and landscaping. As expert of excavator attachments, we supply professional guidance on how you can get the most out of your excavator and its work tools, as well as full solutions to compatible with your projects. Select one of the categories below to begin finding the right fit for you.

Types of Excavator Attachments & Excavator

  • Excavator Attachments

    Excavator Attachments

    Attachments can open up a new world for your excavator, With the help of attachments, your excavator can become any number of additional tools, like a pile driver, a clamp, a tree shear and more. We offers an extensive, ever-growing line of high-quality excavator attachments for construction and forestry equipment. It covering more than 100 kinds of products concluding tiltrotator, hydraulic breaker, scrap shear and grabs, hydraulic magnet, rock saw, tree saw and more. No matter what kind of attachments you are looking for, we can supply solutions and help you produce the best equipment for your exact industry needs.
  • Demolition Robot

    Demolition Robot

    Equipped with a superior remote control for safer operation and easy maneuverability, demolition robot is ideal for risk demolition and multifunctional operations in tough environments like emergency ...
  • Micro Mini Excavator

    Micro Mini Excavator

    Mini excavator also called compact excavator and mini digger, it's a compact multi-functional machine favored in smaller work sites because of their maneuverability. With compact design, it can access tighter entrances to job sites. Tackle indoor demolition in tight spaces. It can Dig powerfully, yet quietly – perfect for residential jobs and home projects. Our mini excavator range from 710kgs to 2850kgs with 7.6kw to 34 kw power. There is also pure electric type for your choose.
  • Skid Steer Attachments

    Skid Steer Attachments

    We produce a wide range of multi-purpose attachments for any weather and designed with versatility for any application. Drill with earth augers, handle farm works with fork and hay grapple, clear heavy snow with snow blowers and plows, trim tree or brush with tree shear and mulcher, etc, Regardless of any application, we have the attachment to help you meet any challenge head-on. Our offerings are continually expanding, and we are dedicated to providing professional solutions to your needs by offer the best warranties in the industry.
  • Skid Steer Loader

    Skid Steer Loader

    Our SC skid steer lineup has an operating capacity range from 1763 lb - 2645 lb (800 kg - 1200kg), the width is only 900mm, with small and compact design, it’s best suitable for limited space such as plant and warehouse. our skid steer equipped original KUBAOTA ENGINE with EPA certificate, Italy WOLF multi-way valve. American PERMCO high pressure gear pump, These premium qualified skid steers maneuver easily around tough jobsites and ground conditions. Our LT468EV skid steer is pure electrical loader, it can work for 8 hours with 3 hours charging. No need maintenance, save your time and cost. With a wide variety of attachments and a universal quick hookup available, no matter what your project is, you can find a suitable skid steer model that will serve your needs and purposes here.

Innovations in Excavator Attachment Technology by SC Equipment

Excavator attachments play a pivotal role in enhancing the versatility and efficiency of construction and industrial machinery. SC Equipment has established itself as a pioneer in this field, consistently pushing the boundaries of excavator attachment technology to meet evolving industry demands.

  1. Smart Hydraulic Systems: SC Equipment has integrated intelligent hydraulic systems into their attachments, allowing for precise control and enhanced efficiency. These systems optimize the flow of hydraulic fluid, adapting to the task at hand and reducing energy consumption.

  2. Modular Attachment Design: SC Equipment's modular approach to attachment design enables quick interchangeability between various tools. This innovation enhances job site adaptability and minimizes downtime during equipment changes.

  3. Embedded Sensor Technology: SC Equipment's attachments incorporate advanced sensor technology to monitor various parameters such as pressure, temperature, and load. This real-time data helps operators make informed decisions and prevents potential issues.

  4. Remote Control and Automation: SC Equipment has developed attachments with remote control and automation capabilities. This feature enhances operator safety by allowing them to control the attachment from a distance, especially during hazardous tasks.

  5. Adaptive Material Selection: SC Equipment employs cutting-edge materials in their attachment construction, balancing durability and weight reduction. This innovation contributes to longer attachment life, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced wear on the host machine.

  6. Integrated Telematics Solutions: SC Equipment's excavator attachments come equipped with integrated telematics systems that provide insights into attachment performance, maintenance needs, and operational patterns. This data-driven approach streamlines maintenance and maximizes uptime.