Excavator Compaction Wheel

Excavator Compaction Wheel is mechanical tool without hydraulic-driving. It’s compaction force come from excavator’s own weight. With separate foot, the Excavator Compaction Wheels can deliver maximum penetration which can be better compaction wet sticky soils but avoiding Soil Bridging, it works from the bottom up, eliminating bridging while breaking soil and filling in the voids. The mixing and kneading action of the wheel produces a more uniform soil consistency for better compaction.

  • excavator compaction wheel
  • excavator compaction wheel

Features of Excavator Compaction Wheel

  • Simple design compacts a variety of soils with maximum speed and efficiency.

  • Fully sealed self-aligning bearings to ensure longer product life

  • Self-cleaning design prevents soil buildup.

  • Heavy duty durable design with bearing protection

  • Size range from 3 - 35 tonne excavators

Specification of Excavator Compaction Wheel

skid steer compaction wheel

Excavator Range/ton5-810-1518-2930-40
Wheel Diameter/A68084010301110
Compaction Width/B310400560680
Number of Pads18243636
Overall Length/C68084010301110
Overall Height/D76593511451230
Overall Width/E466595796941
Operating Weight/Kg33064012101780

Video & Images of Excavator Compaction Wheel

excavator compaction wheel for sale
mini excavator compaction wheel
roller compactor attachment for excavator

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