Hydraulic Wrist Tiltrotator

Jul 25 , 2023

Tiltrotator is a hydraulic attachment used on most excavators, and backhoes between 1,5 and 40 tons, let's see all kinds of brands of tiltrotator today. 

The tiltrotator can connect tiltrotator bucket, grab, compactor, fork, soil compactor, hydraulic breaker, etc, almost any attachments that the operator wants to use.

Depending on the manufacturer, the tiltrotator can be rotated 360 degrees and can be tilted at any direction from 40 to 50 degrees.

The advantages of tiltrotator include that: 

1. there is no need to move the excavator for digging or other tasks because of the flexible movement of the tiltrotator. 

2. The tiltrotator speeded up production. Some operators  estimate a return on investment of 1500 hours due to efficiency gains. Also wide tilt angle movement with can also achieve higher precision.

All tiltrotator provide hydraulic coupler options and a quick connection system to enable operators to stay in the cab to replace attachments. They can also be connected manually and directly to the excavator.

Europe is the birthplace of tiltrotators. Steelwrist, Rototilt, Engcon and Ginshoff are all European brands. There is also  manufacturers in China, which are developed independently. The following is an inventory of products currently on the market:

Hydraulic Wrist Tiltrotator

1. Steelwrist

Steelwrist provides tiltrotator for 1.6 to 33 tons of excavators and loaders. The company says its products have a compact structure, low height and weight, and can improve excavation geometry and fuel efficiency. Its X series consists of 10 models. All the main components are cast steel. Other features include a vertically inclined cylinder that allows digging in narrow ditches, grease lubrication that can be connected to the central lubrication system, and a six-channel rotary joint with high flow. A double-acting inclined cylinder with an one-way valve is an option. The company recently released its smallest model X02, which ranges from 1.6 to 2.7 tons for excavators. X02 is compatible with a range of S30 operating machines for leveling, digging, trenching, asphalt cutting and soil loosening. Tiltrotator is equipped with mechanical or hydraulic locking. Stillit has also introduced a series of new SQ quick coupler for fully automatic oil connections between tiltrotatorrs and excavators.

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2. Rototilt

The company has eight models of tiltrotators for 1.5 to 43 tons excavators . The smallest in the series, the company said, is R1, which combines intelligent technology and intensity similar to tiltrotator for a larger weight class. Its largest and newest model is the RC9, which is used for 32 to 43 tons excavators. The company offers a variety of options for its tiltrotator, including the ICS control system, which allows operators to control tilt, rotation and other functions during the same digging movement through an ergonomic handle and a display screen. It provides a Secure Lock between the connector and the tiltrotator to reduce the risk of swinging or dropping the attachments. 

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3. Engcon

Through its EC series of eight models, Engcon provides a full range of tiltrotators for 1.5t to 33t excavators. The company said the owner got a return on investment after 1500 hours. The standard configuration of the Engcon tiltrotator is an integrated hydraulic quick connector. EC-Oil hydraulic automatic guide connection is an optional option. The tiltrotator can be installed directly on the excavator or on the quick coupler to facilitate the attachments. Engcon plans to launch the third generation tiltrotator. The new series of products cover 9 to 19 tons of models. The production line adopts the new technology of Engcon, which uses software and new solenoid valves to cooperate with the load induction hydraulic system of the excavator to achieve more stable excavation and higher precision. 

4. Kinshofer

Ginshofer's Nox tiltrotator series includes six models for excavators ranging from 6 to 25 tons. They rotate 360 degrees with tilt angle of 50 degrees. The tiltrotators can be installed directly on the excavator arm (direct installation), or it can be connected to the excavator arm through a quick coupler to realize the interlayer design. You can choose between mechanical, hydraulic or full hydraulic quick change systems. Compact design and fully integrated tilting and rotating devices prevent damage. There is no possibility of damage to the protruding cylinder, and the low structure ensures higher excavating force. The optional integrated clamp provides an additional attachments for handling poles, pipes, and grab stones. The clamp is integrated on the lower fast connector and will not affect the height or the lateral movement of the attachments. The Nox tiltrotator is equipped with GPS and uses NoxProp+ or NoxProp control systems to use the most common 3D machine control systems.

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