How to Add N2 Gas for Hydraulic Breaker

Jul 06 , 2023

1, Prepare 4 tools: N2 gas bottle, gauge, wrench, and excavator breaker attachment.

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2, Connect the bigger hole of hose to the gas bottle, and tight it with wrench.

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3, Check the gauge, see if the O ring is exist

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4, Connect the other hole of hose to the gauge and lock tightly.

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5, Tight the button of release. Now the connection with bottle is finished.

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6, Dismantle the plug of breaker. Check if the O ring of N2 valve is exist.

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7, Assemble the gauge, and wrist the bottom button tightly. Now the gauge is finished.

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8, Press the needle button of gauge, check the pressure of breaker, if not enough, it should be adding gas till full and close the button. (Different size request different capacity)

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9, Press the needle button of gauge again to confirm the breaker’s gas is enough. If the gas is too much, pressure is more than requested, press the right needle button(left hand), and loose the button to release extra gas till standard pressure. (right hand).

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10, The gas-filling is finished, now before we dismantle the gauge, there is some gas on the hose, we have to release it first, loose the button as photo till gas gone. Put the gauge off from the breaker.

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11, Tighten the plug to breaker.

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