What is Tiltrotator and What Can it Do?

Jul 06 , 2023

Tiltrotator also called swingrotator, swingotilt, it’s like a wrist between the arm of the excavator and custom excavator buckets or whatever attachments fitted to the tiltrotator's quick coupler, it integrates three functions: 90 °tilt function, 360 °rotation function and grip function.  The tilt rotator gives your excavator wrist-like capabilities, it easily tilts 90° each directions and rotates attachments with 360° as required, regardless of the carrier’s position. With this capabilities, the tilt rotators are proving great success in landscaping, cable work, roadwork, pipework, general construction and railroad engineering work.


In certain jobsite, the working limited in narrow spaces, not even space enough to drive in and out with the machine, such as water supplies and drains projects, You can’t reposition the machine as much as you want, so the tiltrotator gives the flexibility to perform the tasks without moving it,


Nestled below the rotate function, the hydraulic grabber is compact and out of the way when not in use. The available hydraulic gripper adds an extra set of tines for picking and sorting of cables, pipes and objects. Imagine working in decorative stone placement, the gripper of tilt rotator can rotate and tilt to precisely place rocks exactly as landscapers request, no need extra worker to standing next to an excavator only to flip rocks that the excavator has laid. Using a tilt rotator eliminates that extra worker, save your cost.


It transforms your excavator from a digging machine to a multi-tooled carrier, The tilt rotator change excavator crusher attachment quickly and easily in a matter of seconds, the operator no need get off the cab, which greatly reduces the time of replacing, reduces the machine wear caused by frequent replacement, reduces fuel consumption, increases jobsite production with less machine repositioning and greatly improves the work efficiency.

Equipped with a tiltrotator, you will see efficiency gains. Contact us for tiltrotator for sale!

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