How to Purchase Best Hydraulic Shear for Your Excavator?

Jul 06 , 2023

Hydraulic shear is one of the excavator attachments that uses an excavator hydraulic system to drive the shearing arm through the hydraulic cylinder to cut scrap steels. It can handle everything from structural steel to mixed scrap, tire on salvage recycling yard . Especially, we design the VEHICLE CUTTER for dismantle scrap cars with cutting cable, pipe, I-beam, and more.

1. The following points need to be considered when selecting the model of hydraulic shears:

  • The model of the excavator.

  • Mounted with boom or arm of the excavator. This will lead different models of excavator shear attachment, the models of shear mounted with boom of excavator should be more bigger than mounted with arm.

  • What’s kinds of steel to cut? There is some special steels which is beyond cutting range, such as railway track, steels that hardness exceed more than 50HRC.

  • If having a quick hitch coupler on the carrier, the weight of quick fit should be considered.

  • If the weight of the hydraulic shear exceeds the load of the carrier, it may lead to the danger of being upside down when the excavator is working.

2. Hydraulic system

Excavator hydraulic system needs to have enough flow and pressure for the operation of the hydraulic shear. If the excavator flow and pressure are not enough, the working speed of hydraulic shear will become slower.

Requirements for hydraulic oil:

  • A high coefficient of static friction. Otherwise the action of the hook arm of the excavator lags behind and safety accidents are prone to occur.

  • rally in 21-35Mpa, up to 42Mpa, while the pressure of industrial hydraulic system is 15-25Mpa. This requires the hydraulic oil to have better anti-wear performance and protect the hydraulic pump.

  • High antioxidant performance.

  • Good filtration performance, can meet the harsh working environment.

The excavator generates more heat when working with hydraulic demolition shears, so check the viscosity and temperature of the hydraulic oil not too low or too high. When the hydraulic shear attachment for excavator are installed for the first time or again after maintenance, there is no hydraulic oil inside, so it may consume a lot of hydraulic oil on the equipment. The hydraulic oil in the excavator tank must be checked before using the olecranon shears.

3. Change hydraulic breaker pipeline into hydraulic shear pipeline

When the hydraulic breaker pipeline has been installed on the excavator, it is necessary to change the hydraulic breaker pipeline into a hydraulic shear pipeline or a hydraulic shear-hydraulic breaker common pipeline.

When the low-pressure pipe in the hydraulic breaker pipeline is a low-pressure fitting, the hose and hard pipe need to be replaced with high-pressure fittings and transformed into a possible circuit in both directions.

When the high-pressure side of the hydraulic breaker is used to open the jaw, it is recommended to set the pressure above 230bar.

If you have any questions about hydraulic shears or other excavator crusher attachment, feel free to contact us at any time, buy excavator attachments direct from SC Equipment at bulk price.

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