Dual-cylinder hydraulic shear for excavator

May 13 , 2024

Within the realm of excavator attachments, one tool has garnered significant attention: the dual-cylinder hydraulic shear.

Renowned for its formidable shearing capabilities, the dual-cylinder hydraulic shear effortlessly tackles cutting tasks involving a variety of hard materials. It serves as an invaluable ally in industries such as manufacturing and demolition, providing steadfast support to numerous engineering projects. Its meticulous design and superior performance ensure efficiency and precision in operation. Whether dealing with steel, rebar, or other metal materials, the dual-cylinder shear executes cuts swiftly and accurately.



1,How does the use of dual-cylinder hydraulic shears enhance operational efficiency?

The dual-cylinder hydraulic shears boast a unique structural design, with two hydraulic cylinders working in tandem to endow it with unparalleled cutting prowess. Capable of slicing through thick steel, robust rebar, or challenging metal components with the ferocity of a beast’s claws, its efficient performance significantly enhances work efficiency, saving time and costs for various engineering projects. Moreover, its durable quality ensures stable operation even through prolonged use.



2,The Advantages of SC Dual-Cylinder hydraulic shears

1.) Possessing formidable strength and rapid speed, these shears achieve remarkable efficiency in operation.

Utilizing honed tubes and imported NOK seals, they boast short working cycles and extended lifespans. The blades, crafted from wear-resistant alloy steel, withstand high temperatures and resist deformation. The design features enlarged and thickened dual hydraulic cylinders, delivering superior shearing force capable of effortlessly handling various materials. Equipped with a hydraulic rotary motor with a braking function, they offer 360-degree rotation, enhancing work capability and flexibility. A specialized acceleration valve design increases the shearing speed, further elevating work efficiency.


2.) Easy to maintain with a long service life, these shears are constructed from high-quality components, including NM500 steel and 42CrMo alloy steel pins. Featuring internal oil channels, they are lightweight, wear-resistant, high-strength, and tough. Stable in performance and convenient to maintain, they effortlessly shear through various types of scrap steel.



Choosing SC dual-cylinder hydraulic shears means opting for exceptional quality and extraordinary performance. Let it become your reliable assistant, akin to possessing a powerful “weapon,” making cutting tasks more effortless and efficient.