SC mini excavator range from 710kgs to 2850kgs with 7.6kw to 34 kw power, featured an efficient KOOP or Kubota diesel engine, and SC mini Chinese excavator offer impressive digging and lifting capabilities supported by more auxiliary hydraulic flow. Our mini digger can work in small space, and make tough jobs easier. Pure electrical type is available. When you buy from a SC Mini Excavator Factory, you gain access to a diverse range of specialized equipment,  including skid steer , backhoe, compact mini excavators, electric mini diggers. These micro mini excavators. are engineered for optimal performance, offering exceptional versatility and efficiency in various construction, landscaping, and excavation projects. With a focus on precision engineering and durability, Chinese mini excavators from the factory are designed to tackle demanding tasks while providing operators with the tools needed to maximize productivity and effectiveness on the job site.

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Types of micro mini excavators for sale

Skid steer mini excavators, backhoe mini excavators, compact mini excavators, electric mini diggers, and long reach mini excavators each offer distinct advantages and applications in various construction, landscaping, and excavation settings.

Skid steer loader excel in tasks requiring exceptional maneuverability, making them ideal for navigating confined spaces, urban construction sites, and landscaping projects. Their compact size and 360-degree rotation capability enable them to operate in tight areas and perform diverse tasks efficiently.

Backhoe loader are known for their versatility, excelling in digging, trenching, and loading tasks. With their ability to operate in various terrains and handle a wide range of attachments, they are well-suited for excavation, utility installation, and construction projects.

Compact mini excavators are designed for performance in limited access areas, offering the power and capabilities of larger machines in a smaller footprint. Their versatility and efficiency make them perfect for residential construction, landscaping, and indoor renovation projects.

Electric mini diggers are environmentally friendly and excel in noise-sensitive areas, along with indoor and urban applications. Their zero-emission operation and low noise levels make them ideal for work in urban environments, tunnels, and indoor construction sites.

The diverse range of mini excavators provides equipment for specific applications and environments with excavator grab attachment and excavator pile driver attachment, offering operators the versatility, efficiency, and precision needed for a wide range of construction and excavation projects.

SC micro mini excavator factory for CASE/SANY/YANMAR/JCB/TAKEUCHI mini excavator shear attachments

SC Micro Mini Excavator Factory specializes in manufacturing high-quality shear attachments compatible with leading mini excavator brands such as CASE, SANY, YANMAR, JCB, and TAKEUCHI. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, SC's shear attachments are meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of construction, demolition, and excavation tasks.

CASE mini excavator attachments

CASE Mini Excavator Attachments

SANY mini excavator attachments

SANY Mini Excavator Attachments

YANMAR mini excavator attachments

YANMAR Mini Excavator Attachments

JCB mini excavator attachments

JCB Mini Excavator Attachments

TAKEUCHI mini excavator attachments

TAKEUCHI Mini Excavator Attachments

These attachments are designed with precision to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance with each respective mini excavator model. SC prioritizes durability, reliability, and efficiency in their manufacturing process, utilizing top-grade materials and innovative design techniques.

Whether for cutting through concrete, steel, or other tough materials, SC's shear attachments deliver exceptional cutting power and precision. They are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems for smooth operation and enhanced productivity on the job site.

With SC Micro Mini Excavator Factory's shear attachments, operators can trust in their equipment's performance and compatibility, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency across a wide range of applications.

Advantages of SC Micro Mini Excavator

  • Compact size is ideal for smaller work sites and allows workers to maneuver through tight spaces with ease.

  • Micro Mini excavators can mount various attachments which can be used for several types of jobs as regular size of excavators.

  • Light but versatile make them the preferred equipment for a variety of individuals and companies, easy transport to jobsites.

  • Without any noise pollution, a quieter micro mini excavator is perfect selection for public place or residential area.

  • One of the top advantages of micro mini excavators is cost-efficient to purchase, fuel costs saving than standard excavators.

Advantages of SC Micro Mini Excavator
How to Choose The Right Micro Mini Excavator For Your Project

How to Choose The Right Micro Mini Excavator For Your Project

  • The minimum size is 1.4x 0.72m, which perfect for any small, medium, or tight access project.

  • Lighter and smaller than regular excavators, making it easy to transport them.

  • EPA EURO 5 certified, meets all the necessary environmental standards.

  • Full range of attachments for maximum versatility

  • Less noise with rubber track, high demand on residential construction sites

  • lower operating costs, consume less fuel

How to Choose The Right Micro Mini Excavator For Your Project
  • Demolition
    SC Equipment's specialized excavator attachments are designed for efficient demolition tasks. These attachments, equipped with powerful hydraulic systems and robust construction, enable controlled dismantling of structures, concrete breaking, and material sorting.
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  • Scrap Recycling
    SC Equipment offers a range of excavator attachments tailored for scrap recycling applications. These attachments, such as grapples and shears, excel in handling and processing various types of metal scrap.
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  • Forestry
    SC Equipment provides specialized excavator attachments designed for forestry applications. These attachments, including mulchers and grapples, are tailored to efficiently clear land, remove vegetation, and manage forested areas.
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  • Construction
    SC Equipment offers a comprehensive range of excavator attachments optimized for construction projects. These attachments, such as buckets, breakers, and augers, enhance the versatility of excavators, enabling tasks like digging, trenching, concrete breaking, drilling, and grading.
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