Demolition pulverizer

Jun 23 , 2024

The demolition pulverizer, also known as hydraulic crusher, are a type of excavator attachment. They consist of a clamp body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw, and fixed jaw. The movable and fixed jaws are further composed of crushing teeth and blades. The fixed jaw is located at the front of the clamp body, featuring crushing teeth and blades arranged from the outside inwards. These demolition pulverizer are capable of breaking large, hard concrete blocks with excellent efficiency, achieving fully mechanized operation.


Demolition Pulverizer Attachment

The SC demolition pulverizer employ advanced technology and robust design, effortlessly pulverizing a variety of materials. With formidable clamping force and efficient crushing capability, they can swiftly break down concrete, bricks, rocks, and metals, providing an effective solution for your tasks. During the development of the SC, extensive consideration was given to practical application needs, ensuring exceptional stability and reliability, even under prolonged high-intensity operations.


SC Demolition Pulverizer Attachment

The advantages of SC demolition puliverizers

With immense power and rapid speed, crushing and shearing are seamlessly integrated. 

Equipped with imported cylinders, NOK seals, and best material of blades, it effortlessly separates reinforced concrete.


SC Machinery Demolition Pulverizer Attachment

Demolition pulverizer With high precision and accurate operation

crafted from MN500 steel, the rotating model features a Swiss-imported rotary motor and 42CrMo alloy steel pins, enabling precise micro-movements and ensuring stable and reliable performance.


Demolition Pulverizer Attachment Factory

Highly efficient, achieving twice the results with half the effort

equipped with an acceleration valve and suction-type crushing pliers, it can swiftly separate and collect rebar from concrete, significantly enhancing work efficiency.


Demolition Pulverizer Attachment Company

Demolition pulverizer Easy to maintain and long-lasting

featuring high-quality components and stable performance, it can effectively demolish various structures while being easy to maintain.

Demolition Pulverizer Attachment Manufacturer

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